All states and territories in Australia have separate and different requirements when it comes to being an Owner Builder.

Here are some of the unique requirements to consider when undertaking works as an Owner Builder in New South Wales.

New South Wales Legislation:

  • Imposes restrictions on how often an Owner Builder can undertake a project.
  • Requires the Owner Builder to obtain a “Owner Builder Permit” & partake in a prescribed owner Builder course at a TAFE facility prior to the issue of a building permit where works exceed $16,000 in value.
  • Requires the Owner Builder to comply with the provisions of the Home Building Act 1989 (as well as associated regulaions)
  • Imposes NO REQUIREMENT for owner builder warranty insurance if selling the property. Please note; This was enacted on 15/01/2015

Here are some useful links for New South Wales Owner Builders:

Fair Trading New South Wales

iCare HBCF

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